Concentradores de oxigeno

At the heart of all of SeQual’s oxygen products is the Advanced Technology Fractionator (ATF®) module, a patented device that economically separates oxygen from ambient air. The single integrated ATF® module eliminates approximately 200 connections, fittings and components found in most conventional oxygen concentrators and allows unsurpassed energy efficiency at low system weight.

Advanced Technology Fractionators

Advanced Technology Fractionators (ATF) can be matched with oil-less compressors to provide high-purity continuous oxygen on demand.

Oxygen Concentrator Modules The ATF Oxygen Module is the core component in an oxygen concentrator system which incorporates proven pressure swing adsorption (PSA) principles into a unique patented design that is far more compact, efficient, rugged and lower in cost than conventional PSA systems. A patented single rotary distribution valve is built into the ATF module which continuously rotates at low speeds by a small motor. The valve is maintenance free, self-cleaning, insensitive to contamination and invulnerable to wear. Unlike conventional PSA systems, the ATF eliminates dozens of components and interconnections enabling applications where on-site/on-board oxygen generation was previously impractical.

Workhorse Oxygen Concentrators

The Workhorse simplifies the process of oxygen system selection and setup. Simply plug the unit in and turn it on for high purity oxygen delivery and reliably.

The Workhorse Family is one of a series of systems engineered to provide a reliable, maintenance-free supply of oxygen on a rugged platform. The Workhorse design builds upon the simplicity and elegance of the Advanced Technology Fractionator (ATF®).
Workhorse oxygen concentrators simplify the process of oxygen system selection and setup. Simply plug the unit in and turn it on for high purity oxygen delivered quietly and reliably. Each Workhorse is the result of the same stateof- the-art engineering that produced the ATF®. The necessary components have been meticulously matched to optimize performance. The Workhorse is intended to provide a turnkey solution when time or resources are not available to engineer a custom system. No other PSA system offers the economical and maintenance-free reliability of the Workhorse oxygen generator.

Quad Oxygen Subsystems

Quad Oxygen Subsystems can be matched with larger-volume oil-less compressors to provide much higher oxygen flows at the same high purity as ATF's.

Each member of the Quad Family utilizes patented Advanced Technology Fractionator (ATF®) modules connected together in a subsystem. When used with oil-less compressed air, Quads deliver high oxygen flows and purities without high cost. Quads can be matched with SeQual® brand oilless compressors for complete systems or with other appropriate compressed air sources.

The Quad Advantage Quad oxygen concentrators offer the same design simplicity and elegance as the Advanced Technology Fractionator (ATF®), and build upon it by connecting four modules together to produce four times as much oxygen product. As with the ATF, the Quad is easy to install in any system, and requires virtually no maintenance. Simply plug it in, connect the compressed air source, and begin making high purity oxygen. All Quad units feature fully integrated controls to ensure reliability. There is no need for a surge tank for the compressed air, a product tank for the oxygen, or electronic control circuits. Just turn the flow meter to the appropriate oxygen level and receive a smooth, steady supply of oxygen. Quad units are very economical when considering both capital and operating costs. As a matter of fact, a Quad uses less than 50 watts of power. Each Quad includes pressure gauges, a flow meter and an oxygen monitor as standard items.

Teamwork Oxygen System

Teamwork Oxygen Systems are complete systems in a turnkey package capable of producing large volumes of oxygen. They are SeQual's most scalable system.

The Teamwork Family is one of a series of systems engineered to produce higher oxygen flows than individual units for applications with higher oxygen consumption. Because it is based upon SeQual®?s patented Advanced Technology Fractionator (ATF®) design, it has high reliability, redundancy, modularity, and scalability, without higher cost.

The Teamwork Advantage

The Teamwork is engineered to be flexible to meet changing and growing needs. The Teamwork is ideal for projects with energy conservation requirements or budgetary constraints. Each station can be switched off to conserve energy. The Teamwork Platform can be ordered partially populated. Additional stations are available in kits when needed. Each kit consists of one compressor, one ATF and the associated hardware to expand the capacity by 14 SCFH (6.6 SLPM). SeQual Teamwork generators of all capacities feature oil-less air compression and redundancy for failsafe reliability. Power is the only back-up required.
Each Teamwork Platform includes an oxygen monitor with LEDs and integrated alarms, six power switches, product pressure gauge, and flow meter. The Teamwork Platform is the basic ?building block? for all Teamwork generators. Teamwork Racks are fabricated of rugged structural steel capable of holding up to four Teamwork Platforms, an oxygen manifold, and an additional flow meter for the combined flow. Each Teamwork Platform output easily snaps into the Teamwork Rack manifold with a quick disconnect.